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   The artistic impulse, whether it finds expression in a written or a visual medium, generally garners a great deal of attention from scholarly writers due to the intrinsic role that it plays in society and in the human heart. The following four books illustrate through their diversity the depth and breadth of the vast amount of literature on this topic.

     The first book under examination, "Rereading America," consists of a varied set of reading material that concentrates on several prevailing paradigms in U.S. culture. Using this as its principal focus, the text unites 76 separate readings which cover a wide variety of subjects including: "education, family life, gender, race," etc. (Colombo, et al v). Chosen topics for the readings center around issues on which people posses divided opinions, but generally possess meaning with which college students identify (Colombo, et al, v).

    The articles included in this text cover concepts from within academia, but also from outside of it, with selections, which describe both multicultural and cross-curricular points of view. The issues presented in the articles facilitate the ability of students to connect their own perspective with a larger, culturally-oriented view, which leads the readers to analyze or "read" the cultural factors that have "shaped and continue to shape" their experiences (Colombo, et al v). This aspect of the textbook provides the overarching concept that provides its structure. The editors, by connecting the personal experiences and perceptions of the users of this text with academic readings, the editors encourage the students using the text to think, as well as speak of write academically (Colombo et al v). This demonstrates that a reader possesses the ability to form opinions that remain independent of what any "expert says" within the course of an academic article.

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